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Wild West Line Dance Group Custom Logo

Wild West Custom Logo

I guess it is the kind of thing that happens quite organically at the best of times, but when it happened to us it was quite flabbergasting! What I am referring to is “being googled” by someone looking for a custom logo. Allow me to expand…

On a relatively quiet afternoon, sitting behind the computer screen and allowing ideas to flow through the finger tips, the phone rings, (we used to go “ring, ring,” but these days phones make all manner of noises, so you just get this preamble to overplay the effect instead) the voice on the other end says:


I say “hello” (already I’m thinking this is a wind up)

“I am looking for some shirts, ehem, to be printed” says the voice

“Hi, (ehem) yes this is Abracadabra Clothing” not having a clue what to say, the phone has never rung before, I mean, I only just got this number and updated the Google my Business profile like yesterday. “What kind of thing are you after… Tshirt, Bags, Custom Logo?”

“I am just around the corner from you… can we meet?”

Ok, so that is crazy at the best of times, I mean, being googled, having the phone ring for the first time, and then going straight out to meet with a potential client! Oh boy, calm down, calm down the deal is not in the bag yet… I head out, to the corner of Askew road in Shepherds bush, you know, by the Sainsburys there.

We meet, and after discovering that my new client has no email, and cant send me any art work, I find Viber on her phone, and transmit her version of her custom logo images to my phone (while we are standing on the pavement) and take a look, pretty cool, but unfortunately all the images are copyright, they all contain the big “Shutterstock” watermark on them, and sensing that this job is going to be done on budget, I thought it best to warn against going any further with these images… but I have a plan… I said:

“Let me take these ideas that you have shown, and I’ll quickly come up with something and send you a draft on Viber, hows that?” We agree.

Back into the studio, and onto Corel Draw, gotta make a quick custom logo design for my new customer, gotta get it done ASAP! I start digging through my many terrabytes of images bought from Amazon and Ebay and other companies that sell stock images that you can view offline (my version of owning CD’s I guess) and there… I find some images that can be used. This is the result (nice to show the print, not the proof):

Wild West Custom Logo Design Proof Print

We agree, the designs are perfect (thank the Deity)

Then onto “what am I going to print on?” We meet two more times, this time a little more civilized, in Costa Coffee! Initially we were thinking Polo Shirts, but I think the cost scared everyone, so they decided to go “Charity Shop Hopping” and provide me with a bunch of shirts they got… I could not believe what I was going to print on, so I took this picture:

Wild West Shirts From Charity Shops for Custom Logo

What a mixed bag, and as every Tshirt printer or decorator will confess to, printing on other peoples shirts is a scary business, what if it goes wrong, what if a mistake happens, these shirts would be too expensive to replace with new ones, and near on impossible to replace from Charity Shops in those makes and sizes!

Luckily an old TM Lewin shirt was knocking about the house for some test printing, and very quickly the print tuning and ink chokes were figured out. The result… well I’ll stop typing in favour of this picture:

Wild West Shirts Custom Logo Printed on Back

And that was that, delivered the shirts, and into the sunset we rode.


It’s been a couple of days since the Competition, and we received these photo’s today (10/05/2016) of how the group looked on the night.

Wild West Line Dance Group

The custom design work on the back print of these digitally printed shirts came out well, and looked great on the night!

Custom Design and Print by Abracadabra Clothing

With hat and boot on the sleeve, the team danced their hearts into receiving joint first place for costume!

Printer Shepherds Bush to the Rescue

Well Done, Abracadabra Clothing are proud to have been involved!

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