How Abracadabra Clothing Works

When ordering all of our Abracadabra Clothing Retro Vintage tshirts are printed to order, which means that each tshirt is custom printed fresh. We don’t bulk buy only to let tshirts hand around helplessly calling out for new design’s… so your cotton will never go past its expiry date (had to, just had to) but we keep a small stock of popular sizes and colours around so that we can speed up the turn around time, so please accept that you might not get same day delivery (yet!)


What’s the process?

Take me to the shop!

  • You click buy
  • We receive order and print the tshirt, and pop it in the post
  • You receive it

How long will this take?

Roughly 3-10 days in total including delivery.

We will do everything we can to get your new tshirt rushed out to you as quickly as we can, but there are always factors that can slow down the process, so please accept our apologies if you were expecting insta-mash, and actually get goulash.

As a guideline

Approximately 3-5 days for UK/EU delivery and 7-14 days for USA, depending on, of course (but not limited to) industrial action (domestic or international); acts of a particular deity; geopolitical intervention; solar flares; astrological incorrectness and other seemingly random events that can be explained by either physical or metaphysical means and have impacted our ability to produce, pack and post.

We order in smaller batches of garments which helps us to maintain the best buying strategy by taking advantage of seasonal promotions with manufacturers and changes in the exchange rate, this allows us to be flexible and provide better specials (oh yes, the specials!)


Sure, we all get it wrong, wrong size, wrong colour, or just wrong wrong wrong… No problem, send an email to returns [at] abracadabraclothing [dot] com and we will send you the return instructions and arrange either your refund or a replacement item.

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