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First Print

Abracadabra Clothing First Test Print

First Print

The first print was a very exciting time at Abracadabra Clothing indeed, having finally plunged down the digital route with the latest Epson SC-F2000 DTG (Direct to garment) printer it was time to lay down some ink.

Can you imagine the anxiety, I mean, how do you choose the first print, a symbol of the company, how do you choose something which will represent everything that goes on in your mind all the while showing off the capabilities of your new toy, well my friends, I can tell you, that it wasn’t gonna be a black and white print, if the printer can print in full photographic quality then that is what we would want to do to show off it’s capabilities.

Digging though the internet to find some awesome picture, we searched for an artist that really speaks to us, that actually has a very similar approach to how we think, and process ideas and artworks, Salvador Dali!

We took a little video of the first “test” print, which is not available for sale due to us not owning the rights of the image, but it was a test, so we thought it appropriate to show the result.

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