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First Print

Abracadabra Clothing First Test Print

First Print

The first print was a very exciting time at Abracadabra Clothing indeed, having finally plunged down the digital route with the latest Epson SC-F2000 DTG (Direct to garment) printer it was time to lay down some ink.

Can you imagine the anxiety, I mean, how do you choose the first print, a symbol of the company, how do you choose something which will represent everything that goes on in your mind all the while showing off the capabilities of your new toy, well my friends, I can tell you, that it wasn’t gonna be a black and white print, if the printer can print in full photographic quality then that is what we would want to do to show off it’s capabilities.

Digging though the internet to find some awesome picture, we searched for an artist that really speaks to us, that actually has a very similar approach to how we think, and process ideas and artworks, Salvador Dali!

We took a little video of the first “test” print, which is not available for sale due to us not owning the rights of the image, but it was a test, so we thought it appropriate to show the result.

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Tshirt Printer Delivery

Abracadabra Clothing's Epson SC-F2000

Tshirt Printer Delivery

This is the story of the Abracadabra Clothing Tshirt Printer Delivery.

The Preamble

Abracadabra Clothing, in it’s advent, took a year to do some heavy duty supplier bashing, and begging for free samples, then, one one awesome day at the “Printwear & Promotion LIVE!” show at the Birmingham NEC all the pieces finally cemented together to establish what we believe to be something which this planet has never experienced before… this is our story.

The Delivery

We settled on Adelco as our service provider / partner, mostly thanks to one very special person that kept calling up just to see how things were going (and just before our wedding too!) so we settled (after numerous negotiations) on the Epson SC-F2000 DTG (Direct to garment) printer, along with the SCHULZE PRETREATMENTmaker III and Heat-press package. We spent hours looking at the measurements of each machine thinking that we would easily be able to fit it all into the studio, and still get  a sofa bed in on the side… let me tell you now, that the measuring tape does not lie, and when it says one and a half meters, then it means one and a half meters…

Abracadabra Clothing's Epson SC-F2000, Heatpress and Schulze Pretreatment Maker in Van
Abracadabra Clothing’s Epson Printer, PRETREATMENTmaker and Heat-press in the Van

Thanks to the folks at Adelco our delivery arrived on a Saturday, so no time off needed from our long suffering day jobs, the delivery and installation slot fitted in with our lives and was easy to accommodate, plus for anyone that lives in London, most boroughs don’t have parking charges on the weekends, score!

Abracadabra Clothing's Epson SC-F2000 boxed in the van
Make no mistake, the boxes are huge!

Everything arrived nicely boxed, and freshly imported straight from the “wherever in the world” lands whence they came, I think the Schulze PretreatmentMaker III was flown in directly from Germany on the back of a blue crested goat swan.

Abracadabra Clothing's Epson SC-F2000 arrival box
I never thought we would be cutting the printer out of its box in the back of the Van

We literally had to cut the box into pieces inside the Van just to get the printer out, which was easily placed in the Van on a pallet with a fork lift, but back in the Bush we had no such equipment to hand so for the next half hour twisted and turned, moving each “box” inch by inch through the various doorways to get to the Abracadabra Clothing Design Studio

Once the last turn was done, there it sat, on it’s £40 Ikea pedestal, the all singing all dancing Epson SC-F2000 was ready for the next phase!

Abracadabra Clothing's Epson SC-F2000 with SCHULZE PT 3
Abracadabra Clothing’s Epson SC-F2000 with SCHULZE PT 3

The Setup

Thanks to the Adelco experts we had the printer and everything else setup and running  along with the training before the end of the day. Various “Charge” cycles and placements were needed in order to get the printer to a print worthy state, and then the software installation and configuration, all before we could actually get some cloth onto the printer platen.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for the rest of our journey!

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