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Opskop 2016 – Dop & Tjop

Opskop 2016 Official Logo

Opskop 2016

 The time for our annual Opskop has arrived!

Dop & Tjop

It’s official!

The first of our annual South African’s Camping weekend get together has a name… “OPSKOP!”


“Fellow South Africans, families and friends, en almal wat saak maak: Die tyd is hier. Die Suid-Afrikaanse partytjie vir die Britse Saffas. Ons weet ons het geen waarborg op die weer nie, maar ons het definitief tyd om te bring en braai en tuis te voel. Hierdie Naweek is vir julle, die Suid Afrikaaners van naby en verre! A weekend to remember where we can have a braai, play some music and let the children run wild! If you want to meet others like you that took the plunge and settled in the UK and wanna meet, with the heart of a lion and the blood of rainbow child, then this one is for you. The location is sought after and popular to the locals and those that know, and the logistics are being planned, so to make it work we need you to come! I’m thinking boats, watersports, tents food and klipdrift, and why not some Castle biere too. Bietjie music wat wir almal se smaak cater. Oh and biltong and boerewors with a few eggs in the morning and some mieliepap! SO mense, bring julle gesinne en kinders daar is baie om the doen and laat ons feesfier – you’ll need campstuff, headlights, and traintickets, as this event is in the planning we will keep you updated with the details and info on everything nearby – we are working on all sorts of options to accomodate and transport – we look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details

Event: Opskop 2016

Date: 3rd – 5th June 2016

Location: Watermouth, Ilfracombe, Berrynarbor EX34 9SJ

Opskop 2016 Official Logo


The Official Tshirt


Opskop, directly translates into English as “Kick up” or “Knees up” but indirectly many South Africans will relate it to a “Big Party” which as you know, comes as part and parcel with getting together for a braai!


The organizers of this year’s “Opskop” have collaborated with Abracadabra Clothing to come up with an official unique keepsake Tshirt to commemorate the first annual event of South Africans getting together for a weekend camping Opskop. The theme of the 2016 get together is “Dop & Tjop” which translates to “Drink & Chop” which is what the camping weekend is all about, getting together, braaing some “Tjops”, having some “Dop’s,” enjoying some live entertainment, checking out the stalls of South African goods, and meeting new people, old, young, families, couples and singles!


Opskop 2016 Official Tshirt Front

Opskop 2016 Official Tshirt Back


So are they imported or what?


Abracadabra Clothing, based in London, is owned by a South African who will be onsite at the camping weekend selling an exciting range of South African themed Tshirts. Abracadabra Clothing aims to keep traditions and history alive by reproducing rare prints and designs on tshirts as collectables, or memorable keepsakes. Everything is designed and printed in London. #SupportLocalBusiness

Ok, so what is it?

This years Opskop keepsakes will be printed on round neck white 100% ultra cotton Tshirts, with a small version of the logo over the heart on the front, and a full size version on the back. Sizing on the day will be Small to XXL and numbers will be limited, so please register your interest early, so that extra can be printed and to avoid missing out! (please note that 3XL-5XL will be printed on a preorder only)

S (34/36in)
M (38/40in)
L (42/44in)
XL (46/48in)
2XL (50/52in)
3XL (54/56in)
4XL (58/60in)
5XL (62/64in)

How much did you say?

On the Opskop 2016 weekend all Tshirts will be sold for £15 each

Opskop 2016 Official Tshirt Back

Opskop 2016 Official Tshirt Front


Get Involved

This year’s hash tag will be


(ask a South African for the translation)

Add this to your Twitter and Facebook posts on the weekend, it’s a nice way of keeping together, when we get together.

All our South African memorabilia Tshirts are hosted on the Bosbefok website

Bosbefok Tshirts

Opskop 2016 Tshirt

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South Africa Freedom Day 2016

Old South African One Rand Tshirt Print

We joined the Facebook group South Africans in London a little while ago, as the community had grown to over five and a half thousand members, and it seemed like it was quite active, not just another of these groups where you get constantly bombarded with adverts for weight-loss products, or cheap fake sunglasses, and it might actually be a bit of fun… guess what, it still is!

So immediately we started seeing posts about a “South Africa Freedom Day 2016” celebration, and to be honest as an expat of over 15 years, I had never heard of such a thing, so we contacted the organizers to try and get Abracadabra Clothing a stall to sell our Saffa themed Tshirts.

We had been working on some South African themes for quite a while, but kept them all on the Bosbefok website, you know, just to keep the collection together, and make it quite obvious what you are looking at when you get onto the website, we run quite an active Facebook page, which you are welcome to follow.

In preparation, we took a lot of time reminiscing over old brands, eating droewors, biltong, Big Corn Bites, drinking Klipdrift and Black Label, making boerrie rolls, and visiting South African shops, to get in the mood, like that was any different to the norm, but I guess you have to say these things…

Boerewors Roll after South Africa Freedom Day 2016

(Note: This over-a-foot-long Boerrie Roll was actually made the day after, just because we can!)

Some of the SA themed designs we were thinking about were the brands that made us feel like children, or teenagers again, memories, or memorabilia, and trying not to step on anyone’s toes and respecting their rights (and please note, if we have infringed on your rights in any images, we would love to hear from you, not only to hear that you are well and to say howzit, but also to know that you have read this blog post!) and also we were thinking about some slogans, infact we are constantly updating websites as we come up with new stuff, but if you want to know first, make sure you follow us on the Bosbefok Facebook page!

When you think about it, every culture has an identity that defines it’s character, and as South Africa is a mixed bag of cultures (pretty much like everywhere else in the world, with one exception, they all come from the same place, and not from other countries!) we were trying to stay balanced, and not print anything offensive (we have a brand for that, and you can go straight to LIGAF to check it out) but also not pander to the overwhelming tide of political correctness… that stuff is not necessary people.

So back to South Africa Freedom Day 2016… we got to the event at a little after 11 in the morning to set up, partly because the event was in Portabello under the A40, and as anyone in London knows if you plug in that post code into your satnav, you’re gonna find yourself in the City very quickly, and partly because the event was only supposed to start at 14:00, and we figured we knew what we were doing, I mean… it’s only tshirts in boxes right.

Our setup was quick (phew), we had planned well in advance how the stall was gonna look like, so putting it together on the day wasn’t a problem.

Abracadabra Clothing at Acklam Village South Africa Freedom Day 2016

We didn’t really know what to expect, but as soon as the gates opened, everything sprang into action, and like the South Africans we are, mense hit the shops! The fleamarket vibe was in full swing, it felt like a combination of the old Bruma, and the Plaza in Joburg, and Green Point in Cape Town. But, as panic stuck, and our first customer came along to say “do you take cards” I said yes, of course we do… my flippen WorldPayZinc froze up on me, and I couldn’t get it reconnected to my phone, so like a true boy, I decided to open it up, you know, like a phone, and just remove the battery… big mistake! Friends, let me tell you, that if you open a WorldPayZinc, it no longer works, a message comes up saying “System Tampered” and that is it, finished and klaar. So that was the end of taking cards, and we were only 10 minutes in, from this moment on, it was cash only. (Just a note to other business owners, I called WorldPay up, and told them truthfully what I had done, and they sent me out another PDU for free, great service.)

Things were in full swing, the beers were flowing, the smell of boerrie rolls filled the air, and one thing to notice, in true South African style, everyone was smiling! I met this guy who was actually having his birthday, and he bought a Tshirt from us, I took this selfie of us two:

Abracadabra Clothing Customer at South Africa Freedom Day 2016

Now – dear friends – that we have got this far in the story, and are actually still reading… it’s confession time, I made a bit of a big mistake, I mean I am a South African, I went to an English school in Joburg, and can speak Afrikaans, but my spelling is a bit like my maths – Could use some improvement. We were standing around, listening to the music, dancing and having a jol, actually quite a “lekker” time, when a young lady came up to look at the tshirts, and she said “I really would like to buy one of your Tshirts, but I don’t know if I can get over your spelling of SAFFA… I am not sure if it’s supposed to be like how you spelled it “SAFA” or with two “F’s”… Holy macaroni! I knew I’d get caught out eventually. So there you have it, schooled by a young lady who didn’t buy anything, but definitely helped progress the design (thanks by the way!)

Misspelled SAFA Tshirt for South Africa Freedom Day 2016

(Note: We will be selling these SAFA (not SAFFA) Tshirts at a reduced rate!)

(2nd Note: Maybe they actually stand for South African Football Association)

And there you have it, we stayed till about 10 in the evening, as the revelers were planning to go to an after party, we were looking forward to bed, and maybe a little glass of wine, and some biltong.

This video of the South Africa Freedom Day 2016 Celebration in London that aired on SABC television showed up on YouTube a could of days after, note that you can see some “Bosbefok” Abracadabra Clothing Tshirts at: 00:23

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Wild West Line Dance Group Custom Logo

Wild West Custom Logo

I guess it is the kind of thing that happens quite organically at the best of times, but when it happened to us it was quite flabbergasting! What I am referring to is “being googled” by someone looking for a custom logo. Allow me to expand…

On a relatively quiet afternoon, sitting behind the computer screen and allowing ideas to flow through the finger tips, the phone rings, (we used to go “ring, ring,” but these days phones make all manner of noises, so you just get this preamble to overplay the effect instead) the voice on the other end says:


I say “hello” (already I’m thinking this is a wind up)

“I am looking for some shirts, ehem, to be printed” says the voice

“Hi, (ehem) yes this is Abracadabra Clothing” not having a clue what to say, the phone has never rung before, I mean, I only just got this number and updated the Google my Business profile like yesterday. “What kind of thing are you after… Tshirt, Bags, Custom Logo?”

“I am just around the corner from you… can we meet?”

Ok, so that is crazy at the best of times, I mean, being googled, having the phone ring for the first time, and then going straight out to meet with a potential client! Oh boy, calm down, calm down the deal is not in the bag yet… I head out, to the corner of Askew road in Shepherds bush, you know, by the Sainsburys there.

We meet, and after discovering that my new client has no email, and cant send me any art work, I find Viber on her phone, and transmit her version of her custom logo images to my phone (while we are standing on the pavement) and take a look, pretty cool, but unfortunately all the images are copyright, they all contain the big “Shutterstock” watermark on them, and sensing that this job is going to be done on budget, I thought it best to warn against going any further with these images… but I have a plan… I said:

“Let me take these ideas that you have shown, and I’ll quickly come up with something and send you a draft on Viber, hows that?” We agree.

Back into the studio, and onto Corel Draw, gotta make a quick custom logo design for my new customer, gotta get it done ASAP! I start digging through my many terrabytes of images bought from Amazon and Ebay and other companies that sell stock images that you can view offline (my version of owning CD’s I guess) and there… I find some images that can be used. This is the result (nice to show the print, not the proof):

Wild West Custom Logo Design Proof Print

We agree, the designs are perfect (thank the Deity)

Then onto “what am I going to print on?” We meet two more times, this time a little more civilized, in Costa Coffee! Initially we were thinking Polo Shirts, but I think the cost scared everyone, so they decided to go “Charity Shop Hopping” and provide me with a bunch of shirts they got… I could not believe what I was going to print on, so I took this picture:

Wild West Shirts From Charity Shops for Custom Logo

What a mixed bag, and as every Tshirt printer or decorator will confess to, printing on other peoples shirts is a scary business, what if it goes wrong, what if a mistake happens, these shirts would be too expensive to replace with new ones, and near on impossible to replace from Charity Shops in those makes and sizes!

Luckily an old TM Lewin shirt was knocking about the house for some test printing, and very quickly the print tuning and ink chokes were figured out. The result… well I’ll stop typing in favour of this picture:

Wild West Shirts Custom Logo Printed on Back

And that was that, delivered the shirts, and into the sunset we rode.


It’s been a couple of days since the Competition, and we received these photo’s today (10/05/2016) of how the group looked on the night.

Wild West Line Dance Group

The custom design work on the back print of these digitally printed shirts came out well, and looked great on the night!

Custom Design and Print by Abracadabra Clothing

With hat and boot on the sleeve, the team danced their hearts into receiving joint first place for costume!

Printer Shepherds Bush to the Rescue

Well Done, Abracadabra Clothing are proud to have been involved!

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Cornwall Roadshow

Abracadabra Clothing Easter 2016 Roadshow with Puff the magic dragon

Cornwall Roadshow

Nothing says new, like a Cornwall Roadshow!

After months of preparation, our new designs were ready to take on the road. Three months of design and redesign had seen our latest batch of summer 2016 retro vintage tshirts ready to print, and ready to roll, it was officially time for the Cornwall Roadshow 2016!

All nicely packaged up in their individual cellophane wrappers with cardboard backing. We took one of each of the five colors for ladies, and one of each of the same colors for men, and printed ten of the forty plus vintage retro designs as examples to showcase to the different shops in Cornwall.

For the first time, instead of camping at the absolutely awesome campsites up and down the Cornish coast, we decided that an AirBnB  approach would be better suited (generally the showers are going to be better when you are living in someones spare room, rather than a shower block shared with a hundred friends you have still to meet, but I digress) Can I just say, that AirBnB is the best invention ever, the only thing I will say, is make sure that you have booked well enough in advance, because you can easily get caught out if you are still waiting for booking confirmation from the BnB host.

These were the ladies vintage tshirts

Abracadabra Clothing Ladies Vintage Tshirts

And these were the mens vintage tshirtsAbracadabra Clothing Mens Vintage Tshirts

Everybody we showed the designs to were extremely positive, and could feel our passion for this exciting new vintage tshirt brand. We have made a lot of new contacts and will be reaching out soon enough, who knows, when you look again, you might just see one of the Abracadabra Clothing retro vintage tshirts in your favorite surf shop!

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