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Opskop 2018

It is that time again… Opskop 2018… yes!

Kick up your heels, and walk around barefoot, because it’s the camping event that brings South African’s from all over the UK together to enjoy a fun filled weekend away from our respective cities and towns and descend on the little parcel that is Watermouth Cove in North Devon!

It has been a real privilege to be included, not only as a vendor, but as the designer and printer of this year’s Opskop 2018 Official Tshirt, which we have kept simple, with a few improvements.

So without further rambling, this is it!

Opskop 2018 Tshirt

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Custom T Shirt Designer

Design Your Own T Shirt

We did it! Our very own Custom T Shirt Designer Tool is now live on our website.

Designing your very own Custom T Shirt is as simple as following these 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a T Shirt colour
  • Step 2: Choose a T Shirt size
  • Step 3: Select some Clipart and write your text, or upload your own picture
  • Step 4: You Pay, We Print.


All our Custom T Shirts Designer Tshirts are printed on demand, so when we receive the order it will go into our processing department where the artwork will be checked to make sure that it will print just the way you like it, if there are any problems, we will contact you. Once the artwork is checked, we fire up the printer, and strike a T Shirt with your design. After printing, folding and packaging, down to Royal Mail and we pop it in the post first class. On average from purchase to delivery is around 3-5 days depending on our stock of T Shirts at the time, and for international delivery between 7 and 15 days depending on the geo-political climate (at the time)


  • Stand out from the crowd, or make a statement. Design Your Own T Shirt now using our Custom T Shirt Designer Tool!
  • If you are not any good at designing, but have a picture on your computer that you would rather upload, then we can print that too, we offer a full printing service for your images, all you have to do it use the handy uploads feature in the designer, and upload your favorite picture, and don’t worry, it can be anything you like, we won’t judge you, promise!
  • If you are looking for custom T Shirts for a Stag or Hen Party, or maybe a company gathering or a protest march, then you can use our design tool to create your very own personal design, or you can upload your own images or artwork to design your own t shirt from scratch!

Custom T Shirt Designer Tool


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Made In The UK

Made In The UK

Made in the UK

Everything about us says Made in the UK.

In this current climate of financial turmoil and political uncertainty, instead of getting all anxious about the future, we have taken upon ourselves to remain quietly optimistic, and keep supporting British business, we are proudly British, and will remain as such, even when the whole world seems to be going bananas about the colour of a dress or the shade of someones fake tan, we endeavor to swallow the short fall price hikes induced by our special friends as we speed towards bigger and better things to make all our lives better.

We are Abracadabra Clothing, and We are proudly British!

Support British Business, Buy local.

Design Your Own T Shirt TShirt

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What a blast of a year, launching new designs, going to festivals, meeting with some truly amazing people, and now to put the cherry on the cake, the launch of the new range of fishing tshirts, for fishermen and fisherladies (yup, gonna be a load more of these in this category) ladies and gentlefins, clap your clams, because this is just in time for Christmas 2016, it’s time for the Fishpocalypse!

If you are looking for a stocking filler for that special fisherman in your life, then a fish theme tshirt is all you need, sharks, whales, dolphins and even an octopus on a tshirt, and all in a great seasonal tshirt theme.

Introducing to you the first in the Fishpocalypse range… Bethlehem-on-Sea





From the deep blue ocean comes a nativity tale that many didn’t even know took place.

We find ourselves in a little town called Bethlehem-on-Sea where the carpenter Whalesef and his partner Maryfina have delivered to the sea the baby Octus. Their journey was not an easy one, many shells and caves were full during the great counting of fish in the city, but a kind clam colony provided a fitting clam-shell for their use.

The tale continues with a visit from three wise sharks from the eastern sea board, who bring gifts from another world as they pay homage to the young Octus. The gifts include a bottle of powerful fluid gifted from of a floating creature filled with non-finned fish, which is said to be able to ensure uninterrupted rest. Second, a decoration which could be worn around the head, or fin (tales told in the non-sea foretell of non-finned creatures carrying six small containers in this ornament, which when consumed provide considerable intellect and charisma)  and finally a clearance gift, one which the non-finned creatures have used to clear large areas of the finned world of structures and habitation.

We will be getting them into the shops next year, all good tackle shops will stock them and we’ll list the shops on the site as we go, but for now, they are available online.

Take Me There

The range was inspired when we met with a great new graphic designer from Serbia, Nemanja Jovanovic, who “gets it” – yup, all the madness that rattles around in the Grand High Wizard of Abracadabra Clothing’s head on a nightly basis – he gets, and has been instrumental in bringing our new range of Fishpocalypse designs to life, thanks bud!