Abracadabra Clothing Limited

What’s it all about hey? Born out of want, and not out of necessity is a lovely commodity, a lot of designers design because they have to, and printers print because they must, well, we took our passion for art and a slightly different approach and developed an ethos that sets us apart from the rest of the rabble, we design and print what we want to, because, we want to. Now, you might say that sounds like an egotistical dream, perhaps it is, perhaps it is just the culmination of years of frustration being stuck in the wrong jobs that led to this overwhelming explosion of creativity that could never be indoctrinated out of our spirits in a regular 9-5 setting behind a desk, and so we, humbly, bring you the best tshirts on the internet!


About the Past

Abracadabra Clothing started printing tshirts in South Africa, originally as Zagan Creators, selling long sleeve black tshirts outside a famous Doors Nightclub in Edenvale, Johannesburg. From those humble beginnings and approximately a 13,000 km journey, Abracadabra Clothing has reformed and found a new home in central London, where from the creative cave, inspiration hits in the middle of the night, and strange hieroglyphs and slogans are scribbled down in secretive little black books, only to find their way into the design studio where they are meticulously poured over and some even… make it onto tshirts!

About Us Doors

The company started when our founder, got his hands on a tshirt printing silkscreen frame from a friend of a friend of a friend, who ran a silk screen based printing business in downtown Johannesburg, the friend helped to produce the first screen with the first design and after a not very glamorous first run, pressing ink through the screen held down by knees (we didn’t have money for a fancy silkscreen carousel back then) the first tshirt was born, and after 20 years, the original printers draft tshirt is still in our collection!

About Us Doors Marshal Street

About the Present

Times have changed, methods have changed, and we are stepping up to the plate harnessing electricity and moving with the standards of the 21st century, not only with regards to providing thought provoking, creative, and original designs and artwork, but with the latest printing methods too. This strategy of incorporating a technological approach ensures that we can create consistent high quality vibrant prints on every run, with the first looking as good as the last, leading to little or no wastage.

For this tshirt printing strategy we secured the latest in DTG (direct to garment) printing technology, the already notorious Epson SC F2000, a veritable beast in the DTG printing world from the very reputable company – that is no longer with us – and all the bells and whistles that should accompany a high capacity, consistent quality, original design, on demand tshirt printing workflow, and a really cool website too.

Not only has this setup enabled us to keep the cost of short runs to a minimum, but it has also allowed us to remain flexible about larger runs. All that said and done, if you wanted to, let’s just say get 1k tshirts printed by the end of the week we would do it, but that kinda thing is gonna cost, however if you just wanted a unique one off to celebrate a 50th, or 14 shirts for a hen party, or half a dozen for a stag do (you get the idea) then you are knocking on the right door.

Epson SC F2000

About the Range

Unlike most companies, we have hand selected our range carefully, with focus being on the wear ability, and durability of our products, the base tshirts we selected come at a higher premium, but we just like them better, they look more unique, and feel better, and once we the finished product is on your body, you might never want to take it off again.