New Retro Vintage Tshirt Designs For 2016
Theres No Place like 127001 Man Wearing Rusty Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing

We do vintage clothing our way, the Abracadabra Clothing way, sourcing out the latest and greatest vintage look and feel tshirts from the best tshirt manufacturers that show case our unique retro look designs.

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Retro designs

From design to print our process is unique to Abracadabra Clothing. It is our approach that makes us the leaders in retro vintage tshirts. Our mindset is focused on producing the best concepts, taking inspiration from every leaf that falls, and every sound that tears through the silence, we take our design process very seriously. This means that our collective imaginations are what make Abracadabra Clothing such a great vintage brand in the exciting world of retro clothing.

Our focus is to bring our own unique vintage retro designs to market. We have designed and redesigned these from the ground up. Each vintage design is worked and sometimes reworked a few times until it creates excitement in the studio, if it doesn’t excite us, we won’t even put it on the website!

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Our goals and principles:

  • Unique designs
  • Vintage feel tshirts
  • Retro themes
  • 100% Cotton tshirts
  • We-arability and durability
  • Customer satisfaction

Responsibly tested

What this means is that we don’t just put vintage tshirt designs online that are half thought out, no, we go the whole mile, and test out each design by wearing them in public, and if we don’t get the response we want by the garments being eye catching enough, or by not getting the reaction we want from the public, then it’s not going to make it, whether it’s at a music festival, or just chilling out down at the mall, the reactions from the passers by are what we are looking for, and this is what we enjoy, your smile is our goal!


Our five main colors:

  • Blue Clash Swatch Blue Clash
  • Green Clash Swatch Green Clash
  • Grey Clash Swatch Grey Clash
  • Jazzberry Clash Swatch Jazzberry Clash
  • Rusty Clash Swatch Rusty Clash


Unique vintage tshirts

Your satisfaction is our guarantee, if you are not happy, then we are sad, so we will uphold a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you with only minimal questions asked, I mean, lets be serious, what’s not to like when it comes to vintage clothing, right?

New Retro Vintage Tshirt Designs For 2016 Vintage Clothing



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