Just in for Christmas 2016

From the deep blue ocean comes a nativity tale that many didn’t even know took place.

We find ourselves in a little town called Bethlehem-on-Sea where the carpenter Whalesef and his partner Maryfina have delivered to the sea the baby Octus. Their journey was not an easy one, many shells and caves were full during the great counting of fish in the city, but a kind clam colony provided a fitting clam-shell for their use.


The tale continues with a visit from three wise sharks from the eastern sea board, who bring gifts from another world as they pay homage to the young Octus. The gifts include a bottle of powerful fluid gifted from of a floating creature filled with non-finned fish, which is said to be able to ensure uninterrupted rest. Second, a decoration which could be worn around the head, or fin (tales told in the non-sea foretell of non-finned creatures carrying six small containers in this ornament, which when consumed provide considerable intellect and charisma)  and finally a clearance gift, one which the non-finned creatures have used to clear large areas of the finned world of structures and habitation.


New for Christmas 2016

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